COMPETITION participated in IFSEC London 2019

COMPETITION participated in IFSEC 2019 from 15th to 20th June 2019 in London. COMPETITION has been taking part in IFSEC London more than 10 years and this year, we obtained remarkable results.

High Inquiry Rate

During 3 days of exhibition, more than 80% of visitors emphasized the interests of both the feasibility and customization. Especially IP over 2-wire system, which catched many visitors’ attention for its multiple solutions and convenient installation method, gained many positive feedbacks.
After a long-term developing, this year, Competition presented the latest products featuring with our new breakthrough technologies and amazing designs. Our products now are fully updated to support multiple latest technologies for instance: face recognition, Bluetooth key management, voice control smart home application and other advanced technologies heading to life with AI.

Great results in IFSEC

COMPETITION valued every opportunity that we could communicate with our clients directly; IFSEC is great platforms for us to continue to develop our EMEA market.We had successfully greeted and received 500+ customers and visitors in our booth. Most of the customers were coming from European countries as always, whereas, people from North Africa and Oceania attending this exhibition were increasing the number.

Cloud Services with OEM design

Cloud services are the foundation of our new release products, by cooperate with Amazon Web Services, IBM, Alibaba Cloud and other cloud services; COMPETITION support instantly connection to our server. By using our App through mobile devices gain instant information and control your door lock, electric appliances any time anywhere. We also provide customizes app services, sharing access to our cloud services, including module, color, parameters and smart phone application. Create different values for customers in different regions.

DIY Bell

After a long time of developing process, we introduce to you our new DIY bell which provides multiple new functions. When visitor comes to your door, a snapshot will send to cloud from your devices and pop-out on your mobiles with our apps. Users could unlock for acquaintances, face time with postman or just ignore strangers keep them away from your house.

DIY bell records every video message and organize them by calendar, you can access these files through our App, giving fully record of your safety.

Wireless Chime (DD01) is a backup reminder of DIY bell, DD01 provide USB plug enable to fit different requirement all around the world.

  • Wiring

    IP over 2-wire system is an advanced wiring format and an improvement to traditional 4-wire system. It combines audio, video, ground wire and signal control wires into 2 common wires; use existing wires to install new products.

  • Centralized power supply

    IP over 2-wire system supports centralized power supply, make installation quick and easy save contractor both time cost and labor cost.

  • Multiple solutions cover every demand

    Indoor monitors in IP over 2-wire system can be used in both villa and apartments, therefore, no need to stock two kinds of indoor monitors. This design can save money and reduce stock pressure.

  • Solving stock pressure

    Regarding IP over 2-wire system, we provide building solution, villa solution and apartment solution. All three solution support network connection and shares same indoor monitor.

Access Control vs. Bluetooth Key Management

COMPETITION has been seeking for breakthrough to the traditional access control market over years, Bluetooth key management gives users intelligence and convenience experience.

Multiple new functions are supported through our Application. Every entrance will be recorded and scheduled by time and date, and, filed in our Cloud server. Users could unlock access control though Bluetooth achieve hands free experience and sharing dynamic encrypted key by sending QR code to visitors, successfully replace the use of traditional keys.

COMPETITION first integrates IFTTT into access control market; access control could linkage with smart home application to achieve one step settings.


COMPETITION is one of the leading member and solution provider in Vedio door phone, IP Intercom, Acess Control, Home automation and Cloud services industry over 20 years. Our products have been selling to customers all over the world. It is our greatest honor to know that our products and service are satisfied by our partners. We will countinue to develop solutions by our strong R&D team in Asia to adapt dynamic market trend in the coming future.

Our pormise

Through out this exhibition, DIY bell, IP over 2-wire system and Bluetooth key management receive many postive feedbacks, high inquiry rate and high recongnition degree proves our competiveness in current market. COMPETITION believes products support with latest techology is the tendency of the future market and our prouducts could create countess bussniess opptunity for our customers.